Court sides again with Governor Riley over gaming

By Alan Collins

MONTGOMERY, AL (WBRC) - A raid on Victoryland in Macon County may be a step closer.

Friday, the Alabama Supreme Court refused to reconsider an earlier ruling which gave Gov. Bob Riley authority over the Task Force on Illegal Gambling. Macon County officials asked for the ruling in part to buy more time against a raid.

A spokesman for Gov. Riley welcomed the ruling, "It makes the end of the illegal injunction that prevented the law being in Macon County. This is a good thing for the people of the entire state." Jeff Emerson, the communication director said.

John Tyson, the Commander of the task force, will not say if he plans a raid.

"It means law enforcement can commence in Macon County. I'm not going to say what we are going to do or when we are going to do it or how we are going to do it." Tyson said.

Milton McGregor's attorney, Mark White, describes the decision as "Disappointing not unexpected."

The electronic bingo machines are out of view.

"Anybody who enters our private area will have to have a court order or search warrant. Anyone who enters our private area  without one of those will be subject to arrest," White added.

Tyson will need a court order to seize them.

An investigation continues to see if there was any improper contact between the Riley Administration and the Alabama Supreme Court involving the case. In Friday's ruling, the court said there was nothing wrong with the case being shifted from Justice Patricia Smith to Justice Glenn Murdock, who wrote the opinion for Gov Riley 11 days after getting the case.

White says there were leaks about the case during that time period. Meanwhile, White says a lot of people are out of work thanks to the Gov. Riley and Tyson.

"I hope the people of Alabama remember the people whose jobs were sacrificed on this labor day weekend," White said.

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