Hostage standoff ends at Kmart in Anniston

ANNISTON, AL (WBRC) – A man was arrested Friday after holding two people hostage at a Kmart in Anniston.

A spokesman for K-Mart issued a press released on Friday that said that no Kmart employees were harmed and that the robber was taken into custody. They also thanked both their employees and the police for how they handled the situation.

The standoff started as an attempted pharmacy robbery at 9:30 Friday morning in the Kmart store on McClellan Boulevard. Two people were taken hostage by the suspect who had a knife.

The Kmart was evacuated and half of the parking lot around the store was marked off with police tape.

FOX6 News photojournalist Dixon Hayes says that police and crime lab workers were seen entering and exiting the store. An ambulance pulled to the front of the store for a short while to unload a stretcher, but later the empty stretcher was loaded up before the ambulance drove away. It is believed that the ambulance was there to take one of the hostages who was thought to have had a panic attack.

Around 12:30 p.m., a police car pulled to the front of the building and police escorted a man to the vehicle before quickly driving away. At this point, evacuated employees cheered and celebrated.

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