Fighting drugs in Shelby County may get a little tougher

By Sherea Harris

COLUMBIANA, AL (WBRC) - The war on drugs in Shelby County is becoming a tougher battle for the county's drug task force in part because of a budget shortfall.

The decrease comes from the state at an amount of more than $126,000.

It's a bad time for the task force to be in danger financially because there's been a large increase in meth labs, heroin, and prescription drug abuse.

The task force has turned to the county commission for help continue fighting the drug problem.

"I think this is a very important role," said Lt. Chris George. "Over 80 percent of crime related to drugs, burglary, thefts, crimes of violence, and crimes of passion usually some sort of link to narcotics."
"They are already in force now. So why I wouldn't I be in favor of them continuing to work hard to keep the drugs away from our kids," said Monica Josephson of Helena.

Lt. Chris George says he's had some positive feedback from county commissioners and he feels they understand the need for task force.

FOX6 spoke to several commissioners who say they will discuss allocating the funds to the task force at the September work session.

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