Birmingham SCLC leader calls Democratic nomination “racist”

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) – The head of the Birmingham chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference says the appointment of a black woman over a white woman for a judgeship position is a racist act.

Bishop Calvin Woods says he feels that the appointment of Elizabeth French, a black woman, over Nikki Still, a white woman, to a judgeship position in Jefferson County's Circuit Court is a racist act.

The conflict began when Kenya Marshall, who had won the Democratic primary for the position, began a four-year suspension of her law license for misappropriation of funds. The runner up, Still, was expected to be named as a replacement and, since there is no Republican running for the position, would be eventually given the judgeship.

Some felt that the position should be filled by an African-American and the State Executive Committee of the Democratic Party appointed French to be the Democratic nominee.

Bishop Woods says appointing French on a basis of race to replace the nominee is wrong. Woods has publicly denounced the decision and is calling on Democrats to place Still as the nominee.

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