Air passengers on alert after terror probe

By Sherea Harris

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) -  Even though the suspects accused of having suspicious luggage haven't been charged with committing any terrorist act, some passengers now have airline safety on their minds.

At the Birmingham-Shuttlesoworth International Airport where one of the suspects boarded a flight, some flyers say the timing has made them concerned about flying. The incident comes a little less than two weeks from the anniversary of the September 11th terror attacks. But others aren't concerned at all about airline safety. They think the suspicious luggage incident wasn't a terror threat and that T.S.A. personnel did their job.

"As long as we are in America, I think there will be a threat to our safety," said Dana Williams, a frequent flyer.  "I think we should be cautiously optimistic, just trust the system will work and that screeners are equipped and understand what they are doing."     

"You figure a cell phone on a Pepto Bismol bottle, that's not normal," said John Stiltenpole, who's concerned about airline safety.  "They should of kept him here instead of letting him go anywhere."

For those who are flying out of the airport soon, the threat advisory level is at orange, the highest level. But it's not because of the passenger with the suspicious items in his luggage.

An airport official says that the level was high well before that investigation.

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