Drivers upset over condition of Fultondale Road

By Alan Collins

FULTONDALE, AL (WBRC) - Some Jefferson County drivers are complaining about traveling on Highway 31 between Fultondale and Gardendale.

The Alabama Department of Transportation has begun plans to pave the road. The roadway has already been scrapped in preparation for the work, which has made it a rough ride for some drivers.

"It has been hectic," Kelly Lawrence said. "No matter how far you drive or slow you are going, you still bottom out on the road. You still slide on the road. The debris, the bridge and the holes. It's pathetic."

Lawrence lives in Kimberly but works in Fultondale. She drives Highway 31 six days a week. Lawrence says the highway finally took a toll on her car.

"My hose came out," Lawrence said. "Leaked anti-freeze. Today this morning I had a big slit tire. Causing me to buy another tire."

Fultondale Mayor Jim Lowery says the paving work is two weeks behind schedule.

"We do know it's been slow in paving and that is partly due to the weather," Lowery said. "The state came in and prepared the road for paving and planned paving two weeks ago."

Mayor Lowery says once the paving project is done it will make the Highway 31 safer for drivers. As for those who say their vehicles are being damaged by the uneven roadway, Lowery says there are options.

"If someone has a problem there with their car or any kind of damage, if they will come to by Fultondale City Hall, we will put them in touch with the right agency to clear that up," Lowery said.

The Alabama Dept. of Transportation say the project has been given to a contractor who is responsible for any possible damage for vehicles. Drivers can contract the Fultondale City Hall or ALDOT for more information.

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