UA students want to deter binge drinking with special campaign

By Sherea Harris

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - Binge drinking is a dangerous problem on college campuses.

Some University of Alabama students believe they have found a way to reach their peers.

They've put together a new ad campaign that focuses on the negative social consequences of alcohol abuse.

The campaign is called "Less than you think".

The idea is to get to students that it takes less than you think to lose control and possibly do something you might regret.

The campaign uses different phrases from real situations to relay the message.

For example, "You think you won't go there on the first date. You wouldn't two drinks ago."

"You think you are over your ex. You were 3 drinks ago."

The students even used some humor. "You think you can dance. You could three drinks ago."

Some advertising and public relations majors got a grant for the campaign because the idea won second place in a national competition last year in Washington, D.C.

The students think the campaign will work because students can relate to it.

"I think anyone that's college age sees this and it's why this campaign is so great," said senior, Greer Borland. "It's real and not trying to preach. It's straight forward."

Amanda Coppock said, "That's why it's important to come at it from a new angle. We know what they are going to listen to. That's why it's great to do a student led campaign."

Students will see the posters all around campus next week.

It launches Wednesday, September 1st.

Some television ads will also be put together. They will be seen through on-campus college media.

The students say their plan is to get the campaign going on other college campuses across the nation.

For a look at more of the ads you can go to

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