Spain Park football continues in absence of head coach

By Emily Luxen

HOOVER, AL (WBRC) - Spain Park football is trying to focus on their first game of the season, despite their head coach's absence. Coach David Shores was placed on administrative leave Wednesday after an alleged "physical incident" with one of his players during Tuesday's practice.

Principal Chris Shaw said investigation is ongoing, but could not comment on specific details.

Shaw met with the team and coaches Thursday to announce an assistant coach, Ben Berguson, will serve as interim head coach. He said he is hopeful the team will be able to make the best of this situation.

"Basically, I reassured the kids that it is all about them," said Shaw. "I worry about their best interest. I want them to focus on the game and have a good experience."

Coach Berguson said the best way to make the most of a tough situation is to focus on football.

"It's been a distraction," said Coach Berguson. "My job right now is to get this team ready to play on Saturday. The kids are excited about the game."

Spain Park's players admit this incident has taken a toll on the team. But over time, they hope it will make them stronger.

Said senior fullback Steven Silvio, "It's been a distraction. It has brought us together as a team.  We are getting tight, and everyone is playing for one another, which is good for our team."

And Alex Payne, a senior,  added, "We just have to be closer than we've been before," said , "I believe if we do that we'll be fine.  I know we will."

Principal Shaw said there is no timetable for completing the investigation into the incident, but the school is trying to wrap things up quickly.

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