Commissioner criticizes $2,200 desk request

By Alan Collins

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Jefferson County Commissioner Sheila Smoot says $2,200 is too much to spend on a desk.

Smoot on Wednesday objected to spending the money on a desk for new Chief Financial Officer Jeff Hager.

"This office has to be furnished, but for $2,200, we could furnish the whole office," Smoot said. "Not just a credenza. It's a little excessive."

Commission President Bettye Fine Collins disagreed. Collins said there is money in the budget for the credenza and she expects a majority of the commission will vote for it next week.

Smoot, who is leaving office in November, said Hager can have her desk.

The disagreement comes a week after Collins pulled $50,000 from the budget to pay for getting an office ready for the county manager. The county, by state law, has to hire a county manager by April of next year.

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