Recall urges careful handling of eggs

By Emily Luxen

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) -  After two large Iowa farms recalled 550 million eggs because of possible contamination with salmonella, many Alabamians are concerned about the safety of local eggs.

The recalls started earlier this month when Iowa's Wright County Egg recalled a total of 380 million eggs after salmonella sicknesses were traced to eggs from its farms. Then last Friday, a second Iowa farm, Hillandale Farms, announced a recall of more than 170 million eggs after tests confirmed salmonella. FDA officials say they don't think the outbreak will spread more.

However, officials at the Jefferson County Health Department are warning Alabamians to be careful when handling and cooking eggs.  Bruce Braden, with the Environmental Health Program Manager in the Food and Lodging Protection Division, said there is always a risk of salmonella infection when eating eggs, but now people need to be especially cautious.

"Address the risk by cooking the egg thoroughly," said Braden. "Anytime your hands come into contact with raw eggs wash them, and keep eggs refrigerated."

Braden said there is no need to panic, "If you have eggs with the dates they are looking for, you should throw them out or take them back to where you purchased them, but generally don't throw away perfectly good eggs."

The recalled eggs are sold under several different brands, and each have a specific plant number and packaged date on the carton. If you are concerned, check the FDA's website to make sure your eggs are safe.

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