Greene County leaders say outlook is bleak without Greenetrack income

GREENE COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Elected leaders in Greene County say their economic outlook continues to look bleak without revenue from e-bingo at Greenetrack.

Greene County commissioners say some county agencies and charities will not survive after losing financial support from Greenetrack. They say next year's budget will be much leaner than in years past.
A former Greenetrack employee says she would rather be working than depending on others to support her family. "It hurts me because I'm an able body single parent and I feel that I should be working and earning a living and not depending on the state to feed my family," says Val Goodson.

Greenetrack supporters and e-bingo backers from around the state are planning a march a week from Saturday. The march and rally will be Saturday, August 28th at three. Thousands are expected to march from the Supreme Court building to the state capitol. Organizers are providing free bus rides from around the state.

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