New occupational tax lawsuit expected to go class action

By Alan Collins

JEFFERSON COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - A Montgomery Judge is expected to okay a request to turn a lawsuit challenging Jefferson County's new occupational tax into a class action case.   

On Friday morning, Montgomery Judge Charles Price held a hearing about the request.  Price received the case after Jefferson County judges recused  themselves from the case.   

Attorney Clayton Lowe Jr. filed the lawsuit.  Lowe contends the new occupational tax was not properly passed by Alabama legislature.   

On Tuesday, the Jefferson County Commission voted to settle a lawsuit which struck down the old occupational tax.  Commissioners say if they lose the latest lawsuit it could again plunge the county into a financial crisis where county workers had to be put on administrative leave and satellite court houses shut down.

Attorneys for Jefferson County say they will not oppose turning it into a class action.

Another hearing is set for later this year.

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