Dog healing after being dragged behind truck

By Melanie Posey

JEFFERSON COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - A dog is healing from its wounds after being dragged down a Jefferson County street and a good Samaritan came to his rescue.  

Authorities say it happened Tuesday morning as a woman was driving down Old Tuscaloosa Highway near Hickory road near Bessemer.  "It's my understanding that she was passing the truck and thought he was dragging a black bag of garbage and realized as she passed, it was a dog," " says Jacque Meyer, Executive Director of the Greater Birmingham Humane Society.  That dog, was Jo Jo.  

According to the Jefferson County Sheriff's office, the woman flagged the driver down.  He stopped, untied the dog from his bumper and gave it to her without explanation.  He then left and that is when she called authorities.  

"She just went in and did her thing," Meyer beamed.  "She's definitely a hero.  She's fabulous."  

As for Jo Jo, the pads of his feet are badly scrapped.  So the humane society vets have wrapped them up with vet tape giving him the appearance of wearing little brown boots.  Once he completely heals, which could take about a week to ten days, Jo Jo will be put up for adoption.  

Authorities are looking still looking for the man who was dragging him down the street.

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