New music festival to focus on local artists

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Birmingham prepares for a new music festival this weekend.
The Birmingham Arts and Music Festival," or "BAAM," will be held at different venues in downtown starting Friday. More than 90  artists and performers are a part of the festival. It  is an event music and art lovers will certainly enjoy.

Organizers say they want to create a music scene in the city and expose a unique side of Birmingham people may not know about.

Sharrif Simmons, the founder of the Birmingham Arts and Music Festival says more than 90  local artists and performers will entertain folks this weekend. All of the artists are local talent and Simmons believes they need to be showcased. "It has to do with  realizing how broad the talent pool is in Birmingham, how unique it is," says Simmons.

Ticketholders will enjoy live music, art and other entertainment at 13 different venues. Rojo on Highland Avenue is one of them. Rojo manager Kip Enfinger says he has extra staff on hand for the crowd. He says the event will be great his business.

"Some people may not know where Rojo is or never been here," says Enfinger. "So this a great way to get our name out there support out local musicians."

Some of the locations participating this weekend are: Workplay, the Wine Loft, Rogue Tavern, Matthew's Bar and Grill.

The event runs through Sunday. Tickets start at $15 and can be bought at the Redmond Hotel or at any of the participating venues.

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