Birmingham man arrested on terroristic threats charges

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) – The Birmingham Police Department says they have arrested a man for making terroristic threats to an off-duty police officer.

According to BPD, 28-year-old Travis Harper approached the officer while he was attending church and accused him of murdering his brother. The officer attempted to tell the suspect that he did not murder his brother, but the suspect continued to make threatening remarks to the officer.

Birmingham investigators found the suspect to be referring to a 2001 shooting that involved the officer and Carlos Williams, the suspect's brother. Williams was a suspect in a robbery at the time and the officer was sent to investigate. According to the report, the victim opened the door and pointed a gun at the officer. The officer discharged his weapon and killed Williams. An investigation into the shooting found it justifiable.

Harper is now being held in the Jefferson County Jail.

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