Finance professor shares her ways to save

By Sherea Harris

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - A UAB finance professor is applying her knowledge of saving money to help others do likewise.

She started a budget blog that's all about using practical ways to survive when money is tight.

The blog is called "365 Days on a Budget."  Shared are basically ways that one wife and mother of two saves her family money by finding ways to cut costs.

Dr. Stephanie Rauterkus says she started the blog because it got to a point where she didn't know where her money was going. The problem has changed now and she wanted to share her "better budgeting" with others by blogging.

She started in July, and since then, she's cut her grocery bill in half by using coupons.
Her family eats out less and if so, they use coupons when they go to restaurants.
She and her husband also improvised and decided against a beach vacation this year.

"We visited family so we didn't have the hotel expense," said Rauterkus. "We went to amusement parks, the zoo and had coupons for everything and had a great time."

"Just today, she and I were talking about going to certain supermarkets," said Debbie Colpack, also a wife and mother of two. "Which ones had the best deal on meats, great buy one get one free. So it's been extremely helpful."

Rauterkus says it's exciting to know people can use some of her ideas to stretch their dollars.

She says the idea is to set budget limits and find ways to stick to them.

She also blogs about being a savvy financial consumer when it comes to major purchases and home improvements.

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