New businesses bringing hundreds of jobs to area

By Emily Luxen

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) -  Several new businesses will open soon in the Birmingham's metro area bringing hundreds of jobs, and hopefully a boost to the local economy.

A new outlet center in Leeds will bring 650 jobs, a new Kohl's store in Hoover will bring 150 jobs, a new movie theater in Birmingham will hire 50, and several smaller businesses will open soon as well.

UAB economist, Dr. Bob Robicheaux, said this is good news because it shows business owners are feeling more optimistic about the fourth quarter of this year.

"The more new businesses and jobs that come to the area, the more that will help infuse money into the local economy," said Dr. Robicheaux.

Word of all the new businesses and jobs coming to the area is spreading at Alabama's Career Services System in Birmingham where unemployed people come everyday to work on their resumes and apply for jobs. People looking for work said they are feeling positive about the future.

"I think the economy is getting better," said Belinda Dupree. "A lot of jobs I'm looking for are federal, so i see a lot of federal jobs out there, i'm optimistic."

"I'm hearing about more jobs coming up," said Terry Bryant. "I can see more listings on the computer and radio stuff like that."

Business owners and people looking for work hope this trend of more jobs and opportunities continues.

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