Northport mayor loses cool over remarks at meeting

NORTHPORT, AL (WBRC) - Tempers flared at Northport's city council meeting on Monday before a vote to raise water and sewer rates.
It was a back and forth battle, last night, as Frank Chandler, who is running for office, asked two council members to step down.

"We ask that Mr. Tunnell and Mr. Collins resign from the council and that we don't have this sewer and water rate increase.  I thank you," said Chandler.

Mayor Bobby Herndon fired back, "Mr. Chandler.  Sir?  Have you ever wondered why you have never and will never be elected to public office?  Comments like this.  Thank you."
The council voted to raise water and sewer rates to collect what they say will be $1.3 million annually. Mayor Herndon says it was needed because the water and sewer fund owes the general fund three million dollars.
The mayor apologized following the outburst. "If I upset Mr. Chandler tonight, I guess I apologize," said Herndon. "I like Frank.  I just don't like the way he handles himself when it comes time for running for office."

Frank chandler is running for House Representative District 61. He ran against Herndon for mayor in 2008.

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