Business closes after customers paid for service

By Alan Collins

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Alabama and Georgia homeowners are wondering if they will get roof repairs or not because American Shingle has closed an office on Highway 280.

FOX6 News visited the office and discovered the doors are locked with the reception area furniture removed.

American Shingle closed its doors in Atlanta on Wednesday. FOX6 News contacted the Georgia Governor's Office on Consumer Affairs.

"The news has gotten around very quickly. We have gotten inundated with complaints right now in terms of the apparent practices of this organization." Bill Cloud said.

A Shelby County couple who didn't want to be identified told FOX6 they paid $5,000 for roof repairs in April. So far, no work has been done. The couple received a letter saying the work would start in late August. They have doubt.

American Shingle solicits roof repairs jobs. Homeowners usually sign insurance checks for payment. The couple say after they demanded their money returned, they were told there would be a $500 dollar processing fee.

A contractor who also didn't want to be identified says American Shingle has completed a number of roofs but there are others still waiting.

"If you are taking money from people and you are not doing the services you were hired to do, you are not responding to the complaints. You are not doing anything but living high, wide, and handsome," Cloud said.

The Birmingham Better Business Bureau has received about 60 complaints over the last year. Those complaints have been turned over to the Georgia Better Business Bureau.

If you have any questions about American Shingle you can contact the Georgia Governor's Office of Consumer  Affairs.

The Georgia Better Business Bureau,, or the Alabama Attorney General Consumer Division.

FOX6 News have been unable to contact American Shingle for comment. The company's phone message says they are moving into new corporate headquarters and will open on Monday.

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