Victoryland opens for business

By Alan Collins

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Victoryland opens for business at 5:00pm Thursday. Victoryland's owner, Milton McGregor, Monday closed the facility to prevent a raid by Riley's task force.

McGregor's attorney in Birmingham, Mark White, says the commander, John Tyson, will need a court order to raid and seize those machines. "Just like your home, anyone who invade your home without the approved court process is nothing more than a common burglar,"  White said.

Victoryland resumes betting on live dog races and simulcast races for dogs and thoroughbreds at other tracks.

Victoryland's hotel remains closed. White says the Macon County sheriff and district attorney  have inspected the facility to insure there are no electronic bingo machines working or insight. "Victoryland is private property and while we have certain areas a accessible to the public, andalways certain areas that are private," White said.

Wednesday in Birmingham, Governor Bob Riley said he had no problem with the re-opening, "As long as they do not do anything illegal. They have nothing to worry about." Riley said.

Friday, the sheriff, district attorney and Macon County Commission will ask the Alabama Supreme Court to reconsider it's earlier ruling giving the governor the authority to create a task force to raid the facility.

The court refuses Victoryland could be open for a possible raid as soon as next week.

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