Editorial comments: Boomers and jobs

The following comments were generated from an editorial by FOX6 WBRC-TV General Manager Lou Kirchen, which first aired on Tuesday, August 10, 2010.

Lauren from Hanceville
The biggest majority of the younger people are too sorry to work, for food stamps and Medicaid. The ones that I have met that are on that are more able to work than any baby boomers and just plain LAZY. If we retire before 65 we can't get Medicare and there are these sorry no goods that are too lazy to work getting all of their medical taken care and getting paid to sit on their hineys.

Derek Birmingham, AL
Yes I do believe that those who are eligible for retirement should go ahead and retire and let those of us who are younger and unemployed get back in the workforce. While they may have the experience, we can be hired at a lower salary which would be a benefit to the employer. It's a win-win situation for those of us who are younger and seeking employment.

Alisha from Hayden
Young people think the older people should just drop everything and let them take over. They're not understanding that the older people have jobs because they have families to take care of and have children.  

Elisa from Tarrant City
I agree, that if the boomers quote "got out of the way" it would not help our economy at all. If anything, who would we have with experience to lead our younger generation into knowing how to do their job?

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