Odenville police officers discover shake-and-bake meth lab remnants

ODENVILLE, AL (WBRC) – Special precautions are being taken after two police officers discovered the remains of a shake-and-bake meth lab in Odenville on Wednesday morning.

Around 7:15 a.m., the officers had finished an unrelated call in the area when they noticed a bag of trash sitting about 10 yards off of Crowe Road. Upon looking inside, they found the trash from an apparent shake-and-bake operation.

Authorities say the waste has hazardous chemicals inside, such as hydrochloric acid. A special unit from the Pell City Police Department has been called in to clean up the scene.

Odenville Police Chief Adam Pardue says this is getting to be a common problem in St. Clair County. He adds that trash crews often find meth lab waste when cleaning up the side of the road.

Pardue says that anyone who finds a bottle with a tube coming out of it should not touch the bottle and contact police immediately.

No one was harmed in the discovery of this bag, but police say the chemicals inside present a real danger, especially to children.

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