Riley talks about Victoryland

By Alan Collins

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Governor Bob Riley says his battle to end electronic bingo operations in Alabama is not a personal fight with Victoryland's owner, Milton McGregor.  McGregor closed Victoryland fearing a possible raid by the governor's task force.  "As  long as they do not do anything illegal. They have nothing to worry about," Riley said.

Governor Riley says he is glad the facility is closed but he agrees with the task force's commander,  John Tyson. This will not protect McGregor from being raided. "It is against the law to possess a gambling machines in the state of Alabama. There is certain procedures we will have to do to go in and seize those machines," Riley said.

On Good Day Alabama, McGregor's attorney, Mark White says Tyson will have to get a court order first. White says the legal battles with Tyson and the governor are not over. "There are still a number of legal battles going on. Some of which could result in us resuming operation prior to the governor and Mr. Tyson being terminated in January," White said.

Some believe there will be a resurgence of electronic bingo halls once Riley leaves office.

"I would assume the new governor or new attorney general is not going to come in and say I'm going to let something illegal happen," Riley said.

Meanwhile, McGregor met with black lawmakers and members of the Alabama Democratic Conference Tuesday in Montgomery. The meeting concerned a massive rally planned for Montgomery August 28th.

Birmingham Rep. John Rogers says the rally hopes to lead to a voter registration drive to help oust those on the Alabama Supreme Court who they believe have given Riley and Tyson too much power. "People are complaining Bob Riley is putting a tax on the folks for seven years. Now he is going out of office he has a gestapo raid," Rogers said. Rogers said they hope to bring in 25,000 to the rally.

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