Community clean-up effort started Monday

By Melanie Posey

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The city of Birmingham is cleaning communities and they're asking neighbors to get involved.  The "One To One" community clean-up blitz started early Monday morning in Collegeville.

Crews spent Monday mowing, weeding, and picking up trash. Later this month, crews will start to demolish abandoned homes throughout the area.  Normally, the destroys 10 homes a month.

Through the "One To One" program, they'll tackle 120 in just a few weeks. Toney Ervin lives next to a home that's been vacant for 10 years.  It will soon be gone.  "I'll just cry. I bet I will.  I'll be so happy," says Ervin.

Mayor Bell says it makes sense to start with North Birmingham area.  "If you go back and look at our records, this has the highest number of overgrown lots and abandoned homes in the city," Bell says. Adding,  "So we wanted to hit the hardest areas first and then branch out to other communities."

Bell asks that neighbors take part in the cleanup project by working with their neighbors to keep communities looking nice. The clean-ups are expected to continue until fall.

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