Hoover changes arrival times for middle schools and Hoover High

By Emily Luxen

HOOVER, AL (WBRC) - When students in Hoover head to class August 11th, many will arrive at new times. Hoover's middle schools will start 15 minutes later while Hoover High will start 15 minutes earlier.

Simmons, Berry, and Bumpus will start at 8:15am, end at 3:15pm.  Hoover High School starts at 8:15am,  and end at 3:20pm.  

The elementary schools' times will be the same as last year, 7:45am to 2:45pm.  

Spain Park High School's schedule will also remain the same.

System officials said the time changes are the result of changing bus routes. They said the consolidated routes should reduce wear and tear on buses, the number of bus drivers needed, and ultimately save the district money. They hope the changes will help parents as well.

"Looking at this on paper, it doesn't appear to be a big deal, but 15 minutes in the afternoon can make a big difference for parents when you are thinking about after school tutoring, hobbies, and athletics," said the spokesperson for Hoover City Schools, Jason Gaston.

Gaston said the district re-assesses transportation needs each year, and this year is no different. With fewer bus drivers due to layoffs, and more students riding, changes were necessary.

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