Victoryland closes down to stop e-bingo operation

MACON COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Police at Victoryland are turning away would-be gamblers and buses are parked across the entrance as a barricade.

Victoryland attorneys released a statement on Monday morning saying Victoryland would be shutting down for a few days while they close the electronic bingo operations. The release states that Victoryland will reopen on August 12th at 5:00 p.m. without e-bingo.

The press release also takes the time to call Governor Bob Riley a "czar" at a few points in the statement as well as chastise him over the issue of lost jobs and tax money.

The State Supreme Court has set a 4:00 p.m. deadline for Macon County officials to respond to the latest e-bingo motions in court.

The illegal gambling task force commander, John Tyson, says there are no state troopers on the scene and that a raid on Victoryland was not set for Monday. Tyson does say that he feels the Victoryland e-bingo machines were illegal slot machines and he would come after them eventually.

Jeff Emerson, Governor Riley's Communication Director, released this statement in response to the Victoryland press release:

"One-Percent McGregor talks a big game about how his slot machines aren't really slot machines, but when it's time to lay his cards down on the table, he folds and runs away like a scalded dog.  These casino bosses all claim they just want their day in court, yet when it's time to take their slot machines before a court, the casino bosses run and hide.  If One-Percent McGregor really, honestly believed his slot machines were legal, he would keep his casino open.  Then he could argue his side in a court of law, but that's the last thing One-Percent McGregor wants because he knows his slot machines are illegal -- absolutely 100 percent illegal.  The Alabama Supreme Court has ruled unanimously, members of both parties, and has been very clear.  The law is very clear.  One-Percent McGregor tells people the opposite because he wants to continue breaking the law."

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