Parents rush for supplies before school starts

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Midnight marked the end of Alabama's sales tax holiday. Shoppers were able to save on clothes, computers and back to school items during the three day event.

Governor Bob Riley has predicted the annual event would give retailers a boost during the recession. If traffic is any measure of success, there was certainly a lot over the weekend.

Along with the four percent state tax, more than 250 cities and counties also lifted their local taxes.

Shoppers say they were happy to save money. "If you spend a couple hundred of dollars, that's a lot of savings. Plus, the stores offer coupons and other savings, so it adds up," says shopper Wendy Burton.

Georgia's loss is Alabama's gain when it comes to the sales tax holiday. On Saturday, a lot of shoppers came across the state line to save money. There was an especially big rush in Phenix City, Alabama near the Georgia line.
One of the assistant managers at the Citi-trends clothing store told our Columbus, Georgia "sister station" that several people left Georgia for the day to save money in her Alabama store.
Georgia shoppers say they did not want to miss out on the savings. "I really hate it because I have nieces and nephews that live in Georgia and they could capitalize on the no sales tax," says Adriane Daniels.
Georgia is not participating this year because the proposal failed in that state's legislature.

What's better than tax free? Completely free!

On Saturday, several Birmingham city school students participated in a back to school rally sponsored by Birmingham City Councilor Lashunda Scales. As a part of the rally, students received free school supplies. This is the fourth year for the back to school event.

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