Fultondale keeping tax-free weekend safe

By Sherea Harris

FULTONDALE, AL (WBRC) - The Fultondale Police Department is ensuring safety for customers and merchants this big shopping weekend.

Officers are using a new crime fighting tool literally taking security to new heights.

Up 20 feet high, it's the latest crime fighting tool for Fultondale police officers.

There are 3 cameras on this piece of equipment. The cameras can zoom-in more than a half a mile away and can monitor the entire parking lot of the city's major shopping center off of I-65.

The officer can focus on any criminal activity and use radio to communicate with officers on the ground.

"If we have a shoplifter that's already left a store we're are able to find them follow them through parking lot until one of our officers can get there," said Officer Polly Kavli.

"Not that this is a bad area," said shopper Sherie Marsh. "I just feel like anytime you are shopping and have bags, cash and credit cards anything extra makes you feel more protected secure."

The tower can only sustain 60-mph winds. It has a device inside to monitor the wind speed.

The tower is portable so police will use it at major events held in the city where extra security is needed.

Fultondale is the 3rd city in Alabama to have the equipment. Tuscaloosa and Montgomery are two of other cities.

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