Thieves strike school days before students return

By Arielle Clay

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - With school starting next week there's an urgency to make sure the air conditioners are working, but some cruel thieves have made that more difficult for one Birmingham City School.

The thieves destroyed five air conditioner units at Barrett Elementary school.  Ten classrooms were left without air just days before students return to class.

The school system is working to get those AC units replaced.  The system's facilities department is trying to get the units replaced by Monday when classes start.  The big issue is finding the appropriate units within the city to replace the damaged ones.  Having to get them from outside the city could take more time.

If the school cannot get things straightened out by Monday the students in the effected classrooms will be moved to alternate spaces such as the library and the auditorium.

The school system says some of their other schools have also had their AC units damaged over the summer.  They are working with police and security to try and reduce this kind of crime.

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