Football players practice with caution of soaring temperature

By Melanie Posey

HUEYTOWN, AL (WBRC) - Despite temperatures hitting the 100 degree mark, football teams across the state took to the field for two-a-days. "Kids know it's a grind. Physically and mentally, it's a challenge," says Hueytown High head football coach Matt Scott.

This is normally the week when players practice once in the morning, then again in the afternoon.  But today,  the Golden Gophers are doing so only once.

"When you have heat indexes like now it doesn't take long to get dehydrated," Scott says.

So that's why all across the field, there were water caddies and bottles.

"We have water breaks built in but we tell the kids if you need water, get it," Scott added.  "If we feel it's dangerous for our kids, we won't run them.  We're not going to put their well being in jeopardy."

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