Anniston mummy to get CAT scan

By Dixon Hayes

ANNISTON, AL (WBRC) - A medical center in Anniston will get quite possibly its oldest patient ever next week, when a 2,300 year old mummy comes in for a cat scan.
Tasherypamenekh is one of two mummies on permanent display at the Anniston Museum of Natural History.  They have been with the museum since it was founded in 1930.  On Wednesday, August 18, Tasherypamenekh will be transported by hearse to the Tyler Center at Northeast Alabama Regional Medical Center, where she will be placed in a 64 slice Phillips CT Scan.  
"We will actually have a 3-D scan of the mummy underneath her wrappings," says marketing director Margie Conner, "a 3-D black and white image that will basically show you the skin, the flesh, the appearance of the mummy as she is now."
Museum officials expect a scan that will be visible that evening.  In another month, Phillips officials hope to have a forensics likeness of her to display.
This isn't the first time the museum has gotten some new information about its 2,300 residents.  In 1979, both mummies were x-rayed.  It was confirmed that the smaller mummy was female, and the larger mummy had a crushed pelvis that made it impossible to identify his or her gender.  Southern Tool of Oxford made a steel bust of Tasherypamenekh based on those x-rays.
The story that came with the mummies when they were purchased in Philadelphia in 1920 says the mummies were mother and daughter.  If that is true, it is still uncertain whether Tasherypamenekh is mother or daughter.
The mummy will be transported with Anniston Police escort, in a hearse on loan from K. L. Brown Funeral Home.  The museum will close at 4 p. m. that day so staff can carefully remove the mummy.  The trip itself (just three miles but taken with care) will be most of the evening, with the scan itself expected to only take a few minutes.
"We know that the mummies have been favorites of visitors for many, many years," says Conner.  "Some people actually come here specifically to see the mummies, so we just hope the community is just as excited about this as we are.

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