Hoover apartment deck collapse injures four

By Jonathan Hardison

HOOVER, AL (WBRC) - For the 2nd time in less than a month, a deck has collapsed injuring residents at the same Hoover apartment complex.

A 2nd story deck collapsed at the Waterford Landing apartments last night. 4 people and a dog were on the deck at the time, one person was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

This is the same apartment complex where a 3rd-story balcony collapsed on July 4th, killing 1 and injuring 6 others, one of the victims of that fall is still hospitalized.

"We really couldn't tell last night what the cause of this was," said Hoover Fire Dept. spokesperson Rusty Lowe. "It could be just a terrible coincidence or there might be something consistent. We don't know and don't want to jump to conclusions yet."

Investigators don't know what caused either collapse. Lowe says Hoover's building inspectors have been working with a structural engineer hired by the apartment management to inspect all of the decks at this complex, but Lowe didn't know if those inspectors had made it to this building before the latest collapse.

"The city is very concerned, and we're gonna do everything possible to work with management there, since it is private property, and our goal is to prevent any injury we can and make the city safe for our citizens, so we will be assisting them in any way possible," Lowe said.

Lowe says the apartment management sent a letter to all residents after the first collapse warning them to stay off their decks, and another warning letter is supposed to be sent out Sunday. But Lowe says this is a warning to residents at other apartments as well.

"If you live there or live in an apartment complex that is older or in a residence that's older and had a deck for quite some time, you might wanna be careful, but definetly at the apartment complex we would advise people to stay off their decks right now," Lowe said.

The management at Waterford Landing apartments didn't return requests for comment.

Hoover investigators will be back at the complex Monday to continue trying to figure out what caused both collapses.

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