Jefferson County waiting on audit

By Alan Collins

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Jefferson County Commissioners are still awaiting a proposal to audit it's financial books.

Some commissioners say a financial audit is necessary in order to get  settlement of the county's $3 billion sewer bond debt crisis.

"We definitely go to get done before we do any kind of sewer debt or usually any kind of financial deals at all," Bobby Humphryes, Jefferson Co. Commission said. "You need these audits and things."

The county has sent out and received requests for proposals from auditing firms. Commission President Bettye Fine Collins said some of the proposals are too high and the county is negotiating to bring down the costs.

"We are working to get the best deal we can," Collins said. "If all other things are equal then you get down to price."

Collins said Wednesday she hopes to bring a proposal for the county commission to vote on by next week. Collins and other commissioners are hoping to have a deal in place before the new county commission takes office in November.  

"I hope it's full speed ahead I hope we can can come with a solution to present to the voters before the commission leaves office," George Bowman, Jefferson Co. Commission said.

But Commissioner Humphryes doubts a deal can be done before new commissioners assume office.

"I think it's looking like the next group will do the final agreement," Humphryes said. "We got a lot of the ground work done, the leg work. All they have do is come and agree to it."

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