Walker County schools facing budget cuts, layoffs

JASPER, AL (WBRC) - The Walker County School System is facing the possibility of more budget cuts and layoffs if the state education budget forecast does not improve.

The Walker County Board of Education met with principals and parents Monday night to discuss cost-saving ideas.

Jason Adkins, who defeated the current superintendent in the Democrat primary for superintendent in June, said the school system has not made enough job cuts in the past two years to weather the economic downturn. He said the system may be forced to cut more jobs.

"We have a problem nobody wants to talk about," Adkins said. "And the problem is, by design, we didn't make the necessary cuts."

Vonda Beaty, the current superintendent, disagreed.

"When I took office in January 2007, there were 88 local units," Beaty said. "Now there are fewer than 20. We've been cutting for several years."

Beaty said the system has lost $8.5 million in state funding during the past two years and could lose an additional $2 million next year.

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