Notorious Trussville intersection to get traffic lights

By Jonathan Hardison

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - A Trussville intersection that's been the home to a fatal accident and dozens of other wrecks is getting a safety upgrade.

Trussville's Mayor Gene Melton tells FOX6 News he's gotten verbal approval from ALDOT to move forward with plans to install 2 traffic lights at the intersection of Deerfoot Parkway and I-59's ramps.

The intersection where Deerfoot Pkwy runs into I-59 has been high on Melton's hit list for years, especially after a driver was killed in a wreck a few years ago. It took 3 traffic studies and extensive lobbying, but Melton says he's convinced the state to let the city put in 2 traffic lights at each of the off ramps from 59.

"All of that traffic has caught up with the infrastructure and that's why the traffic lights are needed," Melton said. "The traffic lights will allow people to come through there and move more efficiently and more safely through the light."

"It is frustrating, because the development's been going," said realtor Michelle Dickey. "They've got other projects that are going on, why couldn't this have been one of them? With seeing the numbers and how many wrecks have happened?"

Dickey is glad something is being done, but it's too late for her, her sister, and neighbors. All  have totaled their cars in wrecks at the intersection in the last year.

"The policeman that came and worked my wreck said it was amazing how many wrecks had been there. They wish the would do something about it," Dickey said.

The city hopes to have the new lights tested and installed as early as December 1st, and Trussville taxpayers will foot the $300,000 bill.

"It's worth it if it saves one life," Melton said.

"As long as it can save something in the future, no, I don't think it's too late," Dickey said.

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