Fultondale to use new gadget to fight crime at shopping centers

By Alan Collins

FULTONDALE, AL (WBRC) - The city of Fultondale is taking steps to protect shoppers and retailers for upcoming tax free weekend in two weeks. The city has purchased an almost $70,000 Skywatch platform. Skywatch will allow a Fultondale police office to lifted in the air with camera and communication equipment to quickly react if needed.  

Montgomery and Mobile also have Skywatch lifts. "Skywatch is one more means we are taking to make it a safe place to shop. It's going to vital to us. It's going to put us in the position to look a tall of our shoppers, making sure they are safe getting in and out of their cars." Lowery said.

Mayor Lowery says Fultondale is tough on shoplifters. If someone is arrested, there is a judge on-call for an immediate conviction.

Lowery says there are no negotiations to get out jail time. The city plans to unveil Skywatch Friday.

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