Home arsons remain under investigation

By Melanie Posey

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office was continuing its investigation Monday into two arsons that happened Friday within minutes of each other.  

The homes are near Center Point in the 700 block of Country View Drive.  Wytangy Peak said she was awakened by her son's screams of a fire.  Her curtains and living room carpet were in flames.  

"It was an overall scary experience," Peak said Friday as her living room window was being boarded up.  "We didn't even know what happened till the blaze was out and we found the Wild Irish rose bottle with gas in it and a rag hanging outside that they threw in here."  

Just minutes later, Trevon Foster says his mom was alerted that their house was on fire, too.  Friday, he was spending his day sitting on the porch, watching out for the culprits.  

"I think it was kids who don't have nothing to do with their time," Foster said.  "They had to get a quick thrill."

Both families were able to get out before anyone was hurt.  The search is on for suspects.  

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