Alabama is #2 most-spammed state according to report

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) – A recently released report says that Alabama remains a big target for spammers.

The report, released on Tuesday by computer security company Symantec, says that only Idaho residents receive more spam than Alabamian computer users. It also states that a whopping 94.4% of all emails in Alabama are spam.

UAB's Director of Research in Computer Forensics, Gary Warner, says the reason Alabama receives so much spam most likely has to do with the rural makeup of the state. "In larger cities, you have national Internet service providers and greater competition, which leads to more robust service offerings, including advanced spam filtering," Warner says. "In rural communities, where smaller providers with potentially fewer resources are operating, there is the chance customers may not be protected as well."

Also a factor that the report names is the size of businesses. Larger companies do not have as many risks from spam attacks, but smaller to mid-size companies are easily targeted. "Alabama is home to many small and mid-size businesses that don't have the same kind of resources dedicated to computer security, and this leaves more computers and users in the state vulnerable to attack," Warner says.

Warner says computer users should contact their internet service or email providers to make sure they are using all the anti-spam features they are entitled to. "If your current providers aren't doing a good job, consider using an e-mail solution from Google, Microsoft or Yahoo! as an alternative way to get excellent spam protection," Warner says.

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