Gene Chizik building foundation

Auburn head football coach Gene Chizik at SEC Media Days 2010 (WBRC photo)
Auburn head football coach Gene Chizik at SEC Media Days 2010 (WBRC photo)

By Dennis Washington

HOOVER, AL (WBRC) - Auburn head football coach Gene Chizik is making long-term plans for the program, even though he knows fans want big victories - quickly.

"I don't think you can do this job without having a great vision for what you want to get done down the road," Chizik said Friday at SEC Media Days in Hoover.

Chizik spoke to reporters as he prepares for his second season as head coach of the Auburn Tigers. Chizik said he is happy with the growth of the team since this time last year.

"Probably the most important thing that we felt like needed to happen last year was for us to build a foundation for what we're trying to do down the road," Chizik said. "We feel extremely, extremely excited on the fact that we feel like we have the football team based on last year going in the right direction. That doesn't mean we've arrived, and we know that. But going into the season, you know, the question was, What's a successful year? How many wins? How many losses? We'll never try to pin success on a number of wins."

Chizik was asked how he could focus on a long-term vision given how impatient everybody is for short-term success.

"I think everybody has a great vision for what we need and where we need to get," Chizik answered. "Whether it's facility improvement, whether it's recruiting, we've got a commitment from our administration that's second to none. We're all on the same page. That's a great thing to know as a head coach. It's a great feeling."

Chizik said one of his biggest challenges for this upcoming season is getting his team to play consistently.

"If you look at our offense last year, there was a lot of things we did well," Chizik said. "But what was glaring to us, we went back and watched, we were very inconsistent. There were times when we couldn't run the football, which in our opinion, in this league, is something that we have to be able to do a better job of this year to win more games."

The Auburn Tigers began football practice on August 4 and play their first football game of the season on September 4 against Arkansas State.

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