Oakman residents want answers about their police protection

By Sherea Harris

OAKMAN, AL (WBRC) -  There's more disorder in Oakman, the small Walker County town.

Some council members are asking the mayor to resign.

Oakman goes without police protection because the police chief is on medical leave, and the mayor suspended the town's only other two officers.

Councilors and residents came to the meeting hoping to get answers about the shake up at the police department, but Mayor Joyce Todd didn't show for the meeting.

It put folks over the edge. They want a solution to get officers back patrolling the streets again.

"I will ask for her to resign," said Councilor Dennis Welch.  "My opinion is I have no confidence in her ability to take this town forward in direction it needs to go at all."   
"She won't even show up for the meetings," said resident Kathleen Gardner. "She is hiring, firing. It's abuse of her powers as a mayor, and it needs to stop."

FOX6 News called Mayor Todd's home and was told by someone that she was sick and that's why she didn't attend the meeting. FOX6 News was also told the mayor did not inform councilors that she wouldn't be attending the meeting and that the mayor would not be resigning.

The Walker County Sheriff's Office is helping to patrol Oakman until things get resolved.

In addition, the mayor has appointed an interim police chief.

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