Homewood wants to add to their police force

By Emily Luxen

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Homewood wants to add two K-9 dogs to their police department.
Mayor Scott McBrayer said he will make the request for the dogs in the city's upcoming budget.

It will cost the city about $14,000 to buy and train each dog. Then there would be additional costs to feed and care for them.

"It's our responsibility and our obligation to prepare the tools necessary for the police department and the things that will make our community safer," said Mayor McBrayer. "I think the K-9s would help do that."

Currently, Homewood borrows dogs from nearby jurisdictions. Mayor McBrayer believes it would be great for the city to get their own dogs. "That's been frustrating when we are in a city as nice as Homewood. We can afford dogs. It's just not necessary to borrow them," he added.

Three Homewood residents agree. So they started a campaign on Facebook to bring the police K-9s to the city. They are soliciting donations for the Homewood Police Foundation to help with the costs associated with the dogs.

Mayor McBrayer will be presenting the upcoming budget to the Homewood City Council at the start of August. The costs of the two K-9s will be included in his proposal.

If the idea passes the finance committee, the whole council will vote on the issue.

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