Majority of Jeffco Commission against Grant’s Mill Road toll idea

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) – During a Roads and Transportation Committee meeting on Wednesday morning, the majority of the Jefferson County Commission showed their disapproval at the idea of making drivers pay a toll to use the bridge on Grant's Mill Road.

Birmingham Mayor William Bell proposed the idea on Tuesday that Grant's Mill Road could be made into a toll road to a pay for the fixing of its bridge plus and expansion of the lanes to allow relief for drivers looking to avoid Highway 280. The toll price could be expected to be as high as one dollar to pass.

Commissioners Collins, Carns and Humphryes say they feel the tolls would create an undue burden on the drivers who frequently use the road.

Commissioner Shelia Smoot says the others should not raise the objection. She adds that she feels this is an issue for the city of Birmingham.

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