Councilor troubled by recent murders

By Ashley Nix

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Birmingham city councilor Jay Roberson made a passionate plea Tuesday morning at city council, following the weekend murder of 15-year old Devonterris Randall.

The incident happened at a Shell gas station off Bessemer Road.  Even though crime is down in Birmingham, Roberson says the murder of such a young man is too much.  As Roberson spoke about the incident, he fought back tears as he begged the public and other city leaders to join in his mission.  "It's a problem, I saw the video," Roberson said.  "I saw the video of the blood of a young man at the Shell gas station, we got a problem Birmingham."

A problem, Roberson says, that stems from clubs acknowledging teen parties.  The first time councilor says the violence affecting youth has really affected him.  "For the 3rd time under my administration I've had to call a parent of a young person less than 25 years old getting killed,"   Roberson said.

He asked police chiefs from Birmingham, Fairfield, Midfield and other city's to come together, to combat violence.  "I'm not going to do anything or allow a young person to leave this earth again, and I mean that.  It's affected me and my family.

Roberson says he's putting criminals on notice, he will be out in the community this coming Friday night, doing his part to ensure another young person isn't murdered.

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