Arson found to be the cause of motorcycle club fire

(Source WBRC video)
(Source WBRC video)

By Arielle Clay

BESSEMER, AL (WBRC) - Investigators have determined the cause of a fire at a controversial Bessemer club.

They say someone purposefully set the fire that started early Friday morning at the Gettie Boyz Club.

It took the Bessemer Fire Department three days to determine the cause of the fire.

The lead investigator on the case says he reached the conclusion based on the evidence he found.

"We ruled out any accidental causes.  The fire was set at the front part of the building.  The door of the building had been broken into prior to the fire.  And where we found the fire's origin we were able to rule out any other causes except an intentional fire," Captain Mike Brannon said.

From the beginning, member of the motorcycle club felt strongly that the fire was set intentionally.

Before the club was the site of a fire it was the site of a homicide.  A little more than two weeks ago on July 2nd, an Alabama A&M student and football standout was shot and killed at the club during a party there.

The fire case is now in the hands of the Bessemer Police Department.  A detective said they are in the very early stages of investigation.  The criminal investigation department is looking into the arson.

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