Hewitt-Trussville students face drug testing this fall

By Melanie Posey

TRUSSVILLE, AL (WBRC) - Hewitt-Trussville High students will face a new kind of test when they return to school in the fall... a drug test.

The random tests will be given to all students participating in extracurricular activities and those who drive to school. Only about 20 percent of those students will be tested through the year.

The tests, which will be done by private company, will look for everything from alcohol, tobacco, steroids and cocaine.

"We believe it's best for students," said Kelly Bowles, a spokesperson for Trussville City Schools. "We want to be proactive and ensure we provide a safe environment for all our students."

Kristi Stacks is a parent and a teacher in the district and says she feels the move will help keep schools and the community safer.

"Sometimes parents don't realize their kids are doing drugs," Stacks says. "And maybe this will point out a problem before it escalates."

Students who fail tests face both suspension from activities and parking privileges. Both students and parents must consent to the tests. Those who fail to do so, will face similar penalties as those who've failed a test.

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