Jeffco deputies capture alligator

Photo courtesy Jadd Buchanan
Photo courtesy Jadd Buchanan

SYLVAN SPRINGS, AL (WBRC) - Imagine stepping out your front door to a seven foot long alligator on your front lawn. That was the case on Monday morning for Micheal Hammock in the Sylvan Springs area near Bay View Lake.

Hammock says he was just outside doing yard work when a passerby noticed a seven-foot alligator creeping in his yard. Hammock's immediate reaction was to grab his pistol for safety, but luckily he did not have to use it.

It took about eight Jefferson County Sheriff's deputies and some workers from the Alabama Department of Wildlife to keep the gator at bay. The men lassoed the alligator and tossed a blanket on it. Then they duct taped the gator's mouth and legs, and loaded it into a truck.

Hammock believes it either came from Bay View Lake or it could have been someone's pet!

The alligator will be released into the water somewhere near Tuscaloosa.

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