Birmingham police investigating local summer camp

By Melanie Posey
BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Birmingham police are investigating claims of fraudulent activity going on at a local summer camp.  They are also using the case as an opportunity to encourage parents to ask tough questions when it comes to all types of child care situations.  

Sgt. L. Roby works in the department's major fraud division.  She says investigators are not releasing the name of the camp, but say they began investigating its director after she was accused of defrauding a victim out of several hundred dollars.  They say when it comes to day camps, day cares or any child care situations make sure you learn all you to protect you and your child.  

"Get a clear understanding of who's running this camp, what they're qualifications are and if they're not posted...ask them," Roby urges.  "It shouldn't be a problem for them to tell you what they're qualifications are."  She also says to be find out how information you give about you or your child is protect, adding that it can be used fraudulently if it falls into the wrong hands.  

Police are currently seeking warrants against the camp director in question.

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