Greenetrack supporters taking rally to AL Supreme Court

By Arielle Clay

GREENE COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Opponents of the recent raid at Greenetrack are hoping to have their voices heard Friday.  They're taking their frustrations to the state Supreme Court and holding a rally there against Governor Bob Riley.

The CEO of Greenetrack, Luther Winn, says the rally will give his business and its former employees the chance to speak their minds.

Winn says Greenetrack didn't get their day in court before the raid and so going to the courts steps will have to do for now.

About two weeks ago Governor Riley's task force on illegal gambling raided Greenetrack and confiscated more than 800 electronic bingo machines. The Alabama Supreme Court ruled that the machines are illegal.  Since then the Alabama Black Legislative Caucus has petitioned U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.  They feel due process was violated.  Winn also takes issue with the Supreme Court's rulings.

"There have been too many rulings too fast and all the rulings have been in favor of the governor and our constitution it begins with we the people and we the people of Greene County have not had access to justice.  We think it's because of the relationship between the governor and the Alabama Supreme Court," Winn said.

Governor Riley's press secretary, Todd Stacy, says there are no illegal dealings between the Supreme Court and Riley.

"That's ridiculous.  It's laughable.  I guess they just make this stuff up as they go along.  It's clear these machines are illegal and let's remember that the state didn't shut down Greenetrack.  Greenetrack has a legally operating dog track they have traditional bingo games but you can't operate illegal slot machines.  The state didn't go down and shut down Greenetrack it simply enforced a law that banned slot machines," Stacy said.

Since the raid hundreds of Greenetrack employees lost their jobs.  The state's mobile career center is visiting Greene County.  Staff with the Department of Industrial Relations will help workers fill out employment paperwork and look for new jobs.

The rally is planned for Friday July 16, at 11 a.m.  Greenetrack's general manager says she expects 2000 people to show up.

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