Jeffco Commission to consist of all new faces

By Alan Collins

JEFFERSON COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - The Jefferson County Commission is looking at new faces in November. On Tuesday, incumbent Jefferson Co. Commissioner Bobby Humphryes lost his runoff race with Jimmie Stephens.

David Carrington will be new commissioner for district five. Carrington has no opposition in November. Carrington believes having a total new commission will be a plus.

"I think we will have to learn to work together and what will happen will accelerate the learning curve. Not having to deal with things as they did in the past," Carrington said.

Commissioner Shelia Smoot, who is leaving the commission after failing in her congressional bid, has some advice for new commissioners. "The first thing I would tell any new commissioner, do your homework. Learn the system," Smoot said.

Jefferson County Commission President Bettye Fine Collins hopes to resolve the some of the major issues facing the county, such as the $3 billion sewer debt crisis and the selling the county owned nursing home. "The new commission hopefully will not inherit the problems we inherited," Collins said.

But, Commissioner George Bowman is not in favor of the sale of the Jefferson County Rehabilitation and Health Center. "When it comes to the county home, I'd like to slow that process down. My campaign issue is to the stop the sale of the county home," Bowman said.

Jefferson County Commissioner Bobby Humphryes hoped to return but he was defeated in the runoff primary. Humphryes offers a word of advice for the new commissioners, saying his re-election effort was done in by problems facing the county. "That was a lot of it. Probably most of it. All across the county there is an anti-incumbent feeling. I think there was lot of it," Humphreys said.

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