Caucus says Gov. Riley violated Greene Co's voting rights

By Jonathan Hardison

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The Alabama Black Legislative Caucus is trying to go over Governor Riley's head to get Greenetrack re-opened and put employees back to work.

The Caucus sent a letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder asking him to investigate possible civil rights violations associated with the governor's task force raid on Greenetrack last month.

In a 4-page letter sent to Holder last week, the caucus repeats its arguments that the governor's task force violated due process and the Greene county voters' right to vote when it raided and shutdown Greenetrack on June 30th.
The caucus argues that Greene County voters and later voters statewide approved a constitutional amendment allowing electronic bingo at the track, and asks Holder to investigate. "We're requesting he look into these things," said Rep. John Rogers (D-Birmingham), the chair of the Black Legislative Caucus. "And matter of fact if he's here then he can come forward right now and look into these things and see what he thinks."

Holder was along the Alabama Gulf Coast Wednesday to get an update on the legal battles shaping up over the oil spill's impact and Rogers said he hoped some of his caucus members might meet with Holder before he return to Washington, though there are no firm plans for that right now.

This comes on the same day a mobile career center arrived in Greene County to try and help the hundreds of Greenetrack workers like Dewayne Acklin who are now out of a job. "As being a manyYou should get out there and try to get work to help your wife cause the bills never stop," Acklin said.

Rogers says this does little to make things right. "He's feeling ashamed, he's feeling bad about himself realizing what these poor people in Greene County, he's trying to save face," Rogers said. "But I guarantee you God will punish Governor Riley for what he done to these folks. I don't care how you dress it up. "

FOX6 News was unable to get a comment from the Attorney General's office to confirm the reception and their plans.

The state's rapid response vehicle to help the unemployed find work will be in Greene County through Friday.

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